Playboy X Urban Monkey

Pleasure is often mistaken for happiness; although pleasure can be achieved through external substances, that kind is usually short-lived. At the same time, internal experiences achieve happiness and grow over time. We saw an opportunity to speak about happiness and well-being using this difference.

Each t-shirt has its unique tie-dye treatment, so if they vary slightly from what you see here, remember it's always better to be a bit different!

As two strong voices in lifestyle & fashion, Playboy and Urban Monkey have created a platform to help Indian youth embrace the importance of recognizing gender fluidity, seeking pleasure, sexuality+sexual awareness, and body positivity. Inspired by Playboy's mission of 'Pleasure for All,' we hope to help India's youth embrace the pursuit of pleasure & own their right to expression.

Genderless Apparel by Urban Monkey®

country of origin - India
marketed and sold by - Venture Innovations, Mumbai, Maharashtra