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Launch your online store with our expert ecommarkt, where we build, manage and grow e-commerce stores at an affordable price.
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Launch and Grow your Digital Stores Superfast by Using a Predesigned Library of Themes Suitable for Any Product.

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E-commerce Stores Powered by Amazing Designs and Powerful Tools

Merging visually stunning designs with robust, user-friendly tools, we empower businesses to create captivating online storefronts. It's not just about selling; it's about crafting a memorable journey for your customers. With EcomMarkt, you don't just get a store; you get a showcase that amplifies your brand's voice and vision.
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What we do?

We are simplifying E-commerce by combining the benefits of a standalone website and marketplace shops and creating amazing E-commerce stories of success.

We build e-commerce that connect with your customers andmake them fall in love.
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Launch your store with superfast speed

With EcomMarkt, you can set up your online shop quickly and without hassle.

Your store, your rules

On EcomMarkt, you have full control over how your store looks and operates. You decide everything from design to policies.

Sell directly to your customer or through our marketplace

EcomMarkt allows you to sell products directly from your personalized store or leverage our integrated marketplace's broader audience.

No Commission-only Rental

Unlike other platforms that take a commission on every sale, EcomMarkt has a simple rental fee. This means you get to keep more of your earnings.

Tools You Need to Grow

EcomMarkt provides all the essential tools to expand your online business, from analytics to marketing aids. This makes scaling up easier than ever.

What You Can Do?

Sell Anything With EcomMarkt

EcomMarkt Empowers You to Sell Anything and Everything with Confidence and Ease.
Ecommarkt for everyone
Affordable yearly maintenance
Easy to Manage


Krutika, from Gujarat, sells her handcrafted azulejos tiles. Using EcomMarkt, she quickly reaches local admirers and Indian expats, bringing authentic culture to homes worldwide.
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Akshay's bakery in Ahmedabad, famous for its pastéis de nata, is expanding its reach. On EcomMarkt, he ships these tasty treats across India and beyond, satisfying sweet cravings everywhere.
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Vaishali, a Faro-based designer, merges tradition with trends. Her EcomMarkt store showcases her unique styles, attracting fashionistas locally and globally.
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Why it is Diffrent?

Best of both worlds

a standalone shop and a marketplace merged into one seamless platform.
EcomMarkt vs Standalone Shop
EcomMarkt vs Traditional Marketplace
Expansive Reach

Tap into a larger audience by showcasing your products to customers from different regions and demographics.

Lower Costs

Save on website maintenance, security, and hosting fees, as EcomMarkt takes care of these aspects.

Customizable Storefronts

Create an authentic brand identity with customizable storefront options similar to a standalone website.

Shared Marketing

Benefit from EcomMarkt’s marketing campaigns and promotions that drive traffic to the platform.

Standalone Shop

Limited Reach

Generally, reach is confined to a smaller audience than a marketplace.

Higher Costs

Incur additional costs for website maintenance, security, hosting, and marketing.

Brand Identity

Complete control over branding and website design.

Independent Marketing

Sole responsibility for marketing efforts to drive traffic.

Brand Focused

EcomMarkt allows sellers to create a unique brand presence within a larger marketplace.

Flexible Fee Structure

Choose between monthly rental fees or commission-based fees - pay only the lower of the two.

Curated Experience

Buyers enjoy a personalized shopping experience with AI-driven recommendations.

Community & Networking

Sellers can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other through forums and networking events.

Traditional Marketplace

Less Branding

Sellers usually have limited options to express their brand identity.

Fixed Fee Structure

Typically charge fixed fees that might not be optimized for all sellers.

Generic Experience

Buyers often encounter a less personalized shopping experience

Limited Community Interaction

Less focus on building a community or providing networking opportunities for sellers.

Why EcomMarkt ?

Launch your Store with EcomMarkt's Easy and Powerful features.

Build, grow, and thrive with the trusted choice of successful
online businesses
Launch your store

Ease of Use

User Friendly and Intuitive Interface

Fair Pricing

Plans that fit every budget.

Make It Yours

Change looks and settings as you like.

Great on Phones

Perfect for shoppers on the go.

Add What You Need

Plug in extra features easily

Stay Safe

Top-notch security for peace of mind.

Grow with Ease

Expand without worries

Help is Here

Support anytime you're stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcomMarkt?

EcomMarkt is a digital platform tailored for India, combining the perks of a standalone e-commerce website and a marketplace, giving sellers maximum online flexibility.

How does EcomMarkt cater specifically to the Indian market?

EcomMarkt is designed with the local nuances and preferences of the Indian market in mind. From integration with local payment systems to understanding regional shopping habits, we're here to offer a truly Indian e-commerce experience.

Can I set my store descriptions in Indian?

Absolutely! EcomMarkt fully supports Indian, ensuring your local customers feel right at home.

Do you provide support in Indian?

Our dedicated support team is fluent in Indian and ready to assist you with any queries or concerns

How can EcomMarkt help me reach more customers in India?

Our platform is optimized for local SEO and regional promotions, ensuring your store gains maximum visibility among potential Indian buyers.

Are there any local partnerships or integrations specific to India?

EcomMarkt has partnered with several local logistics and payment providers, ensuring smooth operations tailored to the Indian market.

How does the rental and no-commission model benefit Indian sellers?

Indian sellers can maximize their profits as EcomMarkt charges a straightforward rental fee without taking any commission. This means more earnings for you with every sale.

Are there any training or onboarding events in India for EcomMarkt?

Yes, we have scheduled a series of onboarding events and workshops across major cities in India to guide sellers through the platform's features.

Is EcomMarkt compatible with Indian tax and business regulations?

Absolutely. EcomMarkt is designed in compliance with local regulations, making business operations hassle-free.

How can I join the local EcomMarkt community in India?

We are fostering a thriving community of Indian sellers. Joining is easy – simply sign up on our platform and participate in local events, forums, and online discussions.
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